Jan 1, 2019

Applied PEO Takes the Stress out of Leadership and Employee Training

Small to mid-sized companies face many challenges and providing necessary employee education and OSHA-required training is one of them. This complex process can stymie companies that have fully-staffed human resource departments but for companies without this luxury, addressing training can be overwhelming and stressful. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. At Applied PEO, we remove this burden so you can focus on your business. Here is what we deliver to make your life easier:


  • A Dedicated HR Professional. You have an HR expert who is there to answer questions and provide guidance on every aspect of employment practices including training. With a call, email or live chat, you can get the answers you need and the support to manage nearly every challenge.
  • Online Training Videos. We have a full library of comprehensive and up-to-date training videos to address common workplace issues such as safety, workplace violence, and sexual harassment. Need something more specific to your industry or business? We will customize content to present the information that fits your requirements.
  • OSHA and Work Safety Training. Regardless of your industry, we have videos that comply with OSHA requirements, which saves you the time and expense of offering these courses with a live presenter. Also, when an employee completes the online video, there is a digital record that this requirement was met. This system assures that the training occurrence is documented so you can present this data in the event of an audit or other issues.
  • Professional Development Training. Our Performance Based Coaching training modules help your leaders deliver the best support, feedback and growth resources to the employees they manage. Providing a professional development path is especially important for the millennials on your team since the number one thing that they need is clear opportunities for career growth.

Our online educational and training videos support you, your business, and your employees in several specific ways:

  • More Efficient. Online video training saves time and money. You don’t need to hire an instructor, rent a large presentation room, or close down the company while these pieces of training occur. Instead, people can watch the videos at a time that works best for them and the company.
  • Onboarding videos can be viewed by each new employee when they join the firm rather than waiting until there are enough new hires to justify in-person training session. This flexibility also allows staff who have been promoted or otherwise changed roles in the company to view the videos they may need to better manage staff or address OSHA training requirements when these changes occur.
  • Clear Documentation. You will always have a record of what training modules have been completed as well as receive those that still need to be viewed to complete various processes, such as onboarding or promotion. With this data, you can address missed training in a manner appropriate to the situation. In addition to documenting compliance with OSHA requirements, this digital record of training and education protects you from potential allegations that policies were not reviewed or that training was not provided.

With Applied PEO, you have a partner who keeps you compliant in all HR issues, including education and training, so you can focus on the business of your company. We will help your employees thrive and grow, assuring that they have the support they need to reach new levels within your organization. Contact us to receive a quote or to learn more about how we can reduce your stress by addressing these important issues.

Got Questions?We have the answers. Call us at (855) 792-2808 or click contact us. One of our representatives will contact you.

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