Mar 3, 2019

Hot HR Service Trends to Watch This Year

The work environment is changing in many ways due to the gig economy, focus on employee development and technology applications. 2019 will see a major shift in HR functions due to these changes, and to provide the best possible employment experience for your biggest and best investment – the people who work for you. Here are some of the biggest HR trends headed your way.

Redefining HR

Traditionally HR is considered a department within a company that addresses all aspects of a person’s employment, from recruitment to off-boarding. However, HR is not simply a department but an ongoing engagement of each employee by line managers and leaders, with the goal of developing them to grow within the company. As a result, many businesses expect to split HR into two distinct parts, one that has the role of a traditional HR department and the other that takes a hands-on approach to employee growth and development. To save money and improve operations, some businesses are partnering with PEOs to take on the administrative responsibilities of the process while retaining their leadership role in hands-on employee supervision and training. The result is happier and more loyal employees and employers who can focus on their business rather than mundane tasks.

Embracing the Gig Economy

The gig economy benefits both the employer and employees. These short-term or temporary engagements allows businesses to access needed talents and expertise for limited projects without going through the expense of an employee hire. For the temporary workers, they have the flexibility and variety of jobs that they want, combined with the income they need. The HR department must develop the tools needed to recruit and hire this temporary staff, manage the contract, protect company work products and assure proper payment. The key is not to wait until this situation arises before putting these systems in place. Have it ready to use when needed to fully protect the company and for both parties to have a successful experience. Applied PEO has many clients that already access the gig economy and we have the resources available to meet these needs.

Increasing Use of HR Tech

Technology is already part of the HR process and is used to manage schedules, paid time off and more, but this is only the beginning. Using collected data, technology can now be used to identify trends in turnover rates and allow HR personnel to dig down to the root cause of the problem and fix it. With turnovers costing 50% to 150% of the employee’s salary, this expense can make or break a company. Another anticipated trend is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to do a variety of tasks from supporting critical decision making to creating more personalized employee experiences. The expanded role of technology within a company will increase employee satisfaction and retention.

Evolved Health and Wellness Initiatives

Health and wellness programs used to mean discounted gym memberships, “stop smoking” classes, diet programs or pedometer give-a-ways, but this is no longer enough. Companies must deliver multi-faceted programs that go beyond these basics to focus on employee total wellbeing. This can and should include mental, physical and financial with services delivered through training, education, classes more. Part of a healthy workplace will also include anti-sexual harassment training and anti-discrimination training to assure that everyone is empowered for success.

The role of HR is changing and every company must have the resources to support growth and successes within these new parameters. Applied Business Solutions has the expertise and resources to manage the evolving administrative HR operations including those related to the gig economy, employee training, hiring, benefits and more. We take care of these activities so you can focus on what you do best. Contact us to learn how our PEO can save you time and money while assuring that you are ready to embrace these new trends.

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