Employee BenefitsSmall and medium companies utilizing a PEO have access to employee benefits normally offered only by larger companies, allowing them to attract quality employees on a level playing field.   Larger companies can save money on their benefit packages too with competitive pricing.  Already have benefits and want to keep them?  Not a problem!  We can still help manage your deductions and contributions for your existing plans.

Benefit Options Available:

Major Medical Health Insurance (PPO, HMO, HSA Compatible):

  • Choose from multiple ACA compliant plans based on specific needs
  • Online access to health information, claims and resources
  • Discounts on eye exams, glasses, fitness memberships and exercise equipment


  • Multiple plans to select from with various coverage levels
  • Plans with no waiting periods
  • No employer participation or contribution required

Vision Plan:

  • $120 to $150 allowance toward frames every 12-24 months (depending on the plan chosen) or a prescription contact lens allowance of $120 to $150 every 12 months
  • No employer contribution or participation required

Group Supplemental Products:

  • Group life insurance
  • Accident along with short term disability
  • Active care policies to include heart attack, stroke, cancer with chemotherapy upgrade, critical illness and hospital indemnity
  • True cancer policy – cancer diagnosis lump sum, facilities, surgical and treatment benefits with the option to add cash value, hospital ICU, cancer and death benefit


  • Plan design and set-up consultation
  • Eligible participant notification
  • Sponsor express – monthly plan summary (testing) e-mailed to the sponsor
  • Non-discrimination testing
  • Loan and distribution processing
  • Trustee services
  • 5500 preparations included as part of the multiple employer plan
  • Annual audit included

HR Platform for Employers:

  • Report payroll online
  • Customize your homepage with your logo and company news
  • Approve time requests through email alerts and verify accruals with PTO balances
  • Easy access to reporting

HR Platform for Employees:

  • Manage personal information and update direct deposit information
  • View and print W-2 forms and pay stubs
  • Request time off and view available PTO
  • View and enroll into health and ancillary products
  • Access personal compensation history
  • Update personal information along with beneficiaries

Corporate Wellness Programs

  • Preventative health care program (designed to reduce health care claims and impact on attendance)
  • Gym partnerships and discounts
  • Wellness and rewards programs (encourage employees to monitor their wellness through tools and incentives)

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