Turnover Rate Reduced with Use of PEO

Whether you need a complete HR department or a supplemental HR team, Applied PEO Services can provide you with a variety of direct hire opportunities through our in-cloud HR portal. Plus, a dedicated HR representative can provide guidance on employment practices, compliance and procedures.

HR Services Features:

  • HR Hotline: Receive the answers you need from the experts via phone, email and live chat. Available at your convenience Monday through Friday.
  • Dedicated HR Representative: An assigned HR representative available to answer the difficult questions and ensure you are compliant with current laws and best practices.
  • 24/7 Online Access HR Portal: This platform is vital to ensure you have all the resources your employees may require on a moment’s notice. From this platform you can access and manage employee enrollments, W-2 forms, etc.
  • Online Training Videos: Hundreds of online training videos for your employees, including on-boarding, safety, work place violence, sexual harassment, etc. Videos can be customized to your specific industry needs.
  • PrismHROn-boarding: Managing new employees is simple utilizing our HR cloud system via PrismHR. The on-boarding process is not only simple, but fast and paperless. Your employees will be able to access, update and manage their information in a single and easy to use location. Comprehensive employee handbook preparation or review included.
  • Employee Benefits: Offer the best in employee benefits to your employees. From group health to 401k, we offer everything you will need to compete with other companies in attracting talent and reducing turn-over. Plus, benefit enrollment is easy through our PrismHR.
  • Legal Compliance: It can be overwhelming to try to keep up with the litany of local, state, and federal employment laws, especially since they vary based on the size of the company.  You want to ensure that your company is compliant to avoid penalties and stay on the right side of the law, but it seems like a full-time job.

Got Questions?We have the answers. Call us at (855) 792-2808 or click contact us. One of our representatives will contact you.

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